The dental surgery from Dr. Pesahl specialises in aesthetic dental restoration work along with prosthetic services and tooth-preserving procedures. We understand aesthetic dentistry to mean both the preservation of existing dental aesthetics with consideration of functional aspects and the correction of flaws in the aesthetically relevant zone.

In aesthetic dentistry, perfect dentures blend unrecognisably and beautifully with the patient’s natural appearance and help to create a healthy and attractive look.

Misalignments of the teeth, teeth reduction caused by wear, discolouration or unsightly fillings are eliminated, resulting in improved self-confidence.

Function and aesthetics are inextricably linked. Especially when grinding causes reduction of the teeth, it is important to restore the functional harmony of the rows of teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

Model analysis together with functional diagnostics make up just as much a routine part of our work as internal case discussions with experts. Alongside functional reconstruction, this allows us to maximise aesthetics and comfort for our patients at all times.