In accordance with our philosophy of preserving as many teeth as possible, root canal treatment or endodontics as the last measure before possible tooth loss represents an important area of treatment at our dental surgery. The success rate for root canal treatments is very high today – in our eyes, endodontics therefore represents an indispensable treatment method for the overall health of your teeth.

During root canal treatment during the course of endodontics, the tooth is opened at one point and the microscopic root canals are freed from irreversibly diseased material, then cleaned, disinfected and filled. This prevents any re-inflammation. The tooth is then stabilised, which can be achieved with a crown or partial crown.

At our dental surgery, we are very careful to perform this kind of treatment in a painless and sensitive procedure, even in cases of severe inflammation, and we use only the most advanced techniques for the best long-term outlook.

In doing so, we focus on the optimal preservation of your tooth with the help of the innovative capabilities provided by endodontics. In most cases, the pain caused by an inflamed root canal can only be eliminated with endodontic treatment.