An ever faster pace of life and increasing stress levels are leading to an increasing incidence of temporomandibular joint disorders. At our new dental surgery in Promenadeplatz in Munich, we will also be delighted to advise you on the subject of the jaw joint. TMJ disorders can affect the whole body and lead to complaints such as headaches, dizziness, back pain, tinnitus, neck tension and much more. If teeth become an outlet for mental or physical stress as a result of grinding and clenching (“bruxism”), splint therapy may represent an option for promoting relaxation and better sleep, and for protecting the teeth and adjacent structures from permanent damage.

Functional diagnostic screening for CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction) which is tailored to your needs allows us to help you make a return to a normal life again which is relaxed and free of pain.

Our splints are created digitally and milled as a single piece. This provides for a design and fit that are better tailored to you than with conventional methods.