Tooth loss is a widespread phenomenon. It can be caused by an accident or caries and periodontitis. And afterwards a gap remains that needs to be filled. Removable dentures and the associated restrictions in terms of aesthetics, chewing performance and wearing comfort often reduce the perceived quality of life of the patient concerned. State-of-the-art implantology means that we at the dental surgery from Dr. Pesahl can replace missing dental roots with dental implants and by doing so provide the foundation for fixed and functional dentures.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are firmly placed in the jaw. After the healing phase these are fitted with a crown and cannot be distinguished from the natural tooth. Dentures supported by implants allow you to bite properly again, just like with natural teeth. Treatment success at our dental surgery is over 98%.

We respond individually to your wishes and needs and consult specialists in particularly difficult cases.  This allows us to draw from the full range of modern implantology expertise and generate the maximum in function and aesthetics in the area of implant prosthetics for you.