The prevention of dental problems, known as prophylaxis in technical terms, is the be-all and end-all for the healthy condition of the masticatory organ. In the dental surgery from Dr. Pesahl, professional tooth cleaning (PTC) thus represents the best means of effective prophylaxis as the keystone for our dental concept. Professional tooth cleaning (PTC) removes bacterial plaque from all areas of the mouth that neither toothbrush nor dental floss or interdental brushes can reach. Various tools are available for this purpose, which are employed in is a series of successive steps. At our dental surgery, every PTC treatment is performed by specially trained dental professionals. The innovative Airflow-Master® technology we use ensures beautiful, white, healthy teeth using gentle techniques.

How often should I have make an appointment to have my teeth cleaned professionally?

In general, we advise adults to have their teeth cleaned professionally twice a year. It is important to adhere to this schedule if you have crowns, bridges or retainers, i.e. tooth stabilisers as a part of orthodontic treatment.

This is because bacteria form extremely stubborn and difficult to reach deposits on the edges.

This plaque mineralises over time to create solid tartar. Only professional tooth cleaning can remove this while brushing or rinsing cannot. A large amount of tartar forms where the large salivary glands exit, for example on the inside of the front teeth. In the period following periodontitis treatment, regular PTC treatment should take place at very close intervals and an appointment should be made up to four times a year as part of the follow-up care required.

How long does a professional teeth cleaning session take?

A professional teeth cleaning session usually takes 45 to 60 minutes, but can take up to 90 minutes depending on the amount and consistency of the plaque. As a rule of thumb, the more careful your personal daily oral hygiene is, the faster your teeth will become completely clean and smooth again when our trained specialists perform PTC.